Our Busses

Modern & Ecological Buses

Our buses are on the cutting edge when it comes to environmental friendliness and modern design.

Flexible Solutions to Your Problems

We have buses of all shapes and sizes and for all occasions.

Safety is Key

Whether it is you or the environment, we want to ensure everyones wellbeing.

Comfortable, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly

Miljöbuss – Adelsö Buss Has one of Sweden’s most environemntally friendly bus parks.  Everyday transport groups and events of all different sizes;  from small to learge events we cover it all!

Since the beginning we have strived to do what’s best.  We brought the first fully electric bus to Sweden back in 2013, and we do our very best to lead the way when it comes to what’s best for the environment.

Everytime you ride with Miljöbuss you can be sure all the amenities you expect to be there, and a little extra, will be.

As a company in the transport sector, we know our business has a major impact on the environment.  Therefore, we measure, monitor, and reduce our emissions and our environmental impact on a regular basis. We treat our customers safety the same way with rigurous scheduled service and recurring training with all our routine drivers.  Your security is our priority!

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”Samtliga bussar körs på fossilfritt bränsle. Vi har också en elbuss som alternativ”

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